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League of Legends - Live Information Sharing (feat. Map Cover)

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< Update> 

* Added CS information.

* Added ward score.

* Minimize programs when in-game ends and add a system that floats form when in-game runs again.

* Optimization tasks such as window margins and fonts were carried out.

Share a program that shows the game's information through real-time client communication in League of Legends. 

Displays real-time levels, items, and runes of allies and opponents. 

In Map Cover mode, you can share information while blocking the map. 

(It's getting my client's information, so if the other team is not in sight, the level and item will not be updated.) 

It's not an overlay, it's an executable. 

Download : https://bbang.unripesoft.com/util/lol_autoset.zip

* Download and extract the file lol_autoset.exe. 

It may appear as an unrecognized app due to a lack of windows, but you can click Run at the bottom. 

Square (for blocking maps) 




Example of use (replay is also available)




The setting allows you to select a box type, Infobar type, and set the update cycle, and you can replace the basic image from the bot image to the image you want when you are not playing. 



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